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Residential, Corporate, and Vacation Rentals Available

AP Property Management FLA, LLC offers flexible residential, corporate, and vacation rental terms for tenants in Miami, FL and the nation. We manage some of the most exclusive commercial and residential spaces, including the E11EVEN®, Icon Brickell, and Aventura Marina. Our flexible rental agreements allow you to live life on your own terms. Whether you’re interested in a short vacation getaway or a long-term place to call home, we can help you go beyond luxury. Our spacious and lavish rental units have all the amenities you need. If you’re ready to become part of some of the most exclusive communities in the Magic City, speak with an agent today.

Residential Property Management Services

AP Property Management FLA, LLC offers a wide range of customizable property management services to help landlords get the most from their residential rental property. We can curate a plan that’s right for your needs. Whether you’re too busy to provide the proper attention to your rental or you’re unsure about how to capitalize on your investment property, we’re here to help. We manage numerous property types across the nation. Contact our team today to get started.

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Corporate Rentals

When it comes to your business, location is everything. If you’re looking for a corporate rental property in the South Florida or Miami area, trust the professionals at AP Property Management. We understand the right location means attracting the most customers and best-qualified candidates for the job. We offer flexible lease terms, competitive pricing, and a range of amenities. Choose from numerous property locations throughout the area to fit your business’s needs. While you’re focused on running your business, you can let our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals handle the rest. We offer the following services:

  • Property Advertisement
  • Screening Tenants
  • Collecting Rent
  • Managing Maintenance

Short-Term Rentals

Finding the right vacation rental can be stressful. You’ve put so much time and effort into ensuring your experience is perfect. Luckily, AP Property Management offers luxury vacation rentals for individuals, couples, and families. We specialize in managing short-term vacation rentals. From breathtaking views of the area’s gorgeous beaches, exciting nightlife, and a wide variety of restaurants, we have a property to fit any style of vacation. We also offer competitive pricing and a range of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. With our properties, you’ll be in the heart of the city, close to all the action, and ready to make the most of your vacation. Below are only some of the fantastic amenities our short-term rentals offer:

  • Spacious and Modern Living Spaces
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • Comfortable Bedrooms
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Mid-Term Rentals

Are you visiting the area for a family get together, an extended business trip, or a sabbatical? If so, AP Property Management offers a wide selection of mid-term luxury rentals to match your needs. All our mid-term renters have access to our exceptional concierge services to make their stay even more memorable. We understand you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the right mid-term rental property for your trip. Our properties provide you with all the comforts you typically receive at home while staying close to all the action and excitement the area has to offer. Choose the right mid-term property rental from our selection of properties so you can enjoy a more relaxing vacation.

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Long-Term Rentals

Call South Florida home and enjoy all the action and excitement the area has to offer. The professionals at AP Property Management offer long-term luxury rentals at one of our numerous locations. As a long-term renter, you’ll discover some of the area’s best amenities and services available, not to mention you’ll be located right in the heart of Miami. We know finding the right long-term rental can be a daunting task in today’s market. However, our team is committed to providing the best rental options in the area. You’ll also have access to our world-class concierge team, so you can take advantage of everything Magic City has to offer. Our long-term rental properties feature spacious and modern living spaces, fully equipped kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms. We offer a wide range of services to make your stay as comfortable as possible, including the following:

  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Numerous Amenities
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Discover the Excitement of Living in the Miami Area

AP Property Management FLA, LLC offers short-, mid-, long-, and corporate rental options for families and businesses that want to be part of Miami’s exciting and luxurious lifestyle. We offer a wide range of beautiful floor plans from which to choose at some of the most exclusive properties in South Florida including E11EVEN®, Icon Brickell, and Aventura Marina. Members receive access to some of the best amenities available in the area. Our team is committed to providing more than just property management services. We want to provide all our tenants with a VIP experience. Learn more about our properties and services.

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